About Us

You know who we are. Now we explain how we think:


1- We love culture and art and transform them into books. Opening a book is like entering a gallery or an exhibition that isn't fleeting but permanent.

2- We work every day towards a single goal: to inspire. Because we know the brain is a muscle and that creativity can be trained.

3- We believe that learning is a timeless form of entertainment and pleasure.

4- We believe in education and that learning extends beyond the classroom. If you like to know, you like to read.

5- We create books that are more than just printed words and art. They're objects of worship, collector's items, gifts and lasting reminders.

6- We see design as a way to improve a text, and we embody this philosophy from the front cover to the back. A book in the 21st century should be neither dull nor in black and white.

7- We stand up for paper books against the tide: their smell, their texture, their weight… We like to store them, display them, carry them, read them, browse them and leaf through them.

8- We adore bookstores. We relish the pleasure of browsing, asking questions and choosing. Bookstores are museums without an admission fee.

9- We are one: the authors, designers and our entire publishing and sales team work together to create the best books. If it doesn't inspire us, we don't do it.

10- We are a community: teachers, students, followers, art and craft lovers, readers, fans… We are linked by our love of books, design, creativity, and culture.